Stop Blaming

Stop Blaming

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Have you ever blame someone else for your failure?

Maybe it’s time to start telling yourself: ‘It’s my fault!’.

Transposing this to training and High Intensity Training, have you ever blame your coach for not achieving that PR? Have you ever blame your High Intensity Training Affliliate for not having this or that equipment? Have you ever blame the weather for being too cold or too rainy? Have you ever blame your parents for not having been born in the right country to practice High Intensity Training?

Well, maybe it’s time to tell you a big true, you’ll never have the perfect conditions to achieve your goals. You will always make some sacrifices to be who you want to be.

But the good news is that it’s all up to you. You have the power to decide what to do with your body and your time. This 2 things belong to you and it’s how you use them, will determine your future.

We are always surrounded by great examples of people who didn’t have all the tools, all the knowledge, all the right people around them, and still manage to achieve their goals.

We have this talentless boy, who have been refused by his basketball coach, and became the best NBA player of all time;
We have the tall athlete who have been told he will never been sprinter, and now he is a record holder;
What those athletes did? They don’t blame their Coaches or their Genetics… they work harder, they did not quit, they assumed full responsibility for their future and became who they dream.

So stop Blaming and start to taking full responsibility, and please, pave the way to your success!

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