Show up

Show up

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It’s impossible for you to get better if you don’t train, right? So, first and foremost, you must show up!

Schedule with your coach the number of times you can attend a class each week. Then, just show up. Being there and sticking to the program is the most important decision you will make.

If you show up at every class and at the right time to do all the exercises, you will surely get better at this sport. With this level of commitment and discipline, it’s impossible to not evolve.

Some simple steps that will help you out:

1 – In the morning, when you go out to work, always take your gym bag with you;

2 – Schedule your workouts and note them down on your calendar, like a visit to the doctor;

3 – If you can, always train before going to work;

4 – Fine yourself for every workout you miss, and give the fines you pay to a charity;

5 – Try to have a training partner;

6 – Reward yourself for every week you complete all your workouts.

Try following all these steps, or just stick to some of them, and adapt your mindset for the commitment they entail.

And hey, don’t forget to Show Up!

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