The Power of Will

The Power of Will

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How many times in High Intensity Training were you faced with challenges you thought were impossible to overcome?

How many times have you thought you couldn’t lift a certain weight, and the mere thought of trying and failing prevented you from giving it a shot?

Believing you can do it doesn’t mean you actually can. However, believing you can’t will certainly keep you from ever achieving your goals.

Thus, it is clear what you should do and how you should think. Believe in yourself, trust you will overcome your limitations and you will be on the right track to make it happen!

The programme carried out in your box is meant to enable you to evolve, to attain new PRs, to learn new exercises, to lift heavier loads, to make you faster. However, it is the attitude towards these exercises that will dictate your progress.


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In your mind, what are you really capable of? The difference between something impossible and an achievement is largely a matter of belief. Many things that were once thought impossible are now so common that everybody takes them for granted. Each of those things were accomplished because someone believed it could happen.

How much are you holding yourself back due to lack of conviction? You can stop holding yourself back and start making some serious progress with positive thinking and determination!

Each and every moment throughout your workout is guided by your beliefs.

Fortunately, you can use this to your own advantage. If you tell yourself over and over again you’ll achieve something, eventually you will.

Think about all the exercises you have been avoiding because you kept telling yourself you wouldn’t be able to do them. Better yet, think of the times you gave a new exercise a shot and surprised yourself by actually managing to do it.

Now, imagine what would happen if you were to apply this positive approach and predisposition every time you were faced with a new and different challenge. You would certainly experience the fantastic satisfaction of achieving goals you previously considered impossible.


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First steps must be taken with the profound belief they are leading somewhere. At the end of the day, it is simple, really. You convince yourself you can do something, you work hard and determined towards that goal and, eventually, you will get there.

Use willpower to your own advantage. Tell yourself you can do it. In your belief lies the power to overcome the obstacles that stand between yourself and your goals.

More and more studies have come out suggesting that willpower, along with intelligence, are two of the main precursors to success.

Want to achieve a certain goal? Believe you can, dedicate yourself, be strong. Belief is the path to achievement.

Rule your mind, or it will rule you
Horace, Ancient Roman Poet, 65 BC – 8 BC.


João LemosJoão Lemos

Lisbon – Portugal

CrossFit Level One Trainer

Trains @ Box CrossFit Lx – Affilliate Box in Massamá.



  1. Congrats mate… article

    Marco Brito

    March 25, 2014

  2. “Use willpower to your own advantage.” So true!!!! Excellent article. Love all the energy and mind set.

    Cristina Cruz

    March 25, 2014

  3. Grande! Estas um motivador nato


    March 25, 2014

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