Crossgen at the Kings of WOD – Lisbon

Crossgen at the Kings of WOD – Lisbon

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Crossgen, the Kings of WOD, Lisbon


During the weekend of July 12 and 13, Crossgen was present in Lisbon at the first stage of the Kings of WOD, the latest and most innovating fitness competition for High Intensity Training athletes, with participants from all over the world.

As Golden Sponsor of the event, Crossgen represented the Viking tribe with three sponsored athletes fighting for the title, and all three of them were awarded for their efforts.

The event also featured an exposition, where Crossgen presented their product line dedicated to professional High Intensity Training athletes, as well as their equipment and accessories.

The competition, being the main point of attention, was made up of 6 WODs. All were designed with attention to detail not to be mere tests of strength, but also of agility, resistance and coordenation.




The WOD that determined the winners, called Heroes Graveyard by Crossgen, put the 6 best athletes in each category to the test. In as little time as possible, they had to perform:

  • 15 Snatch 70/45kg
  • 15 Toes to bar
  • 20 Front Squats 70/45kg
  • Handstand walk 10m
  • 30 bar facing burpees
  • Handstand walk 10m
  • 20 Front Squat 70/45kg
  • 15 Toes to bar
  • 15 Snatch 70/45kg
  • 10/6 Bar muscle ups




The following athletes were crowned as winners in this first Kings of WOD edition in Lisbon:

Elite Male:

1st place: Alexandre Jolivet (Crossgen)
2nd place: Erik Toth
3rd place: Bruno Militão (Crossgen)

Elite Female:

1st place: Carmen Bosmans
2nd place: Oksana Slivenko
3rd place: Elia Navarro Garcia

Masters Male:

1st place: Fabrice Lages (Crossgen)
2nd place: Pina Ramos
3rd place: Luis Miguel Bruno Ribeiro

Masters Female:

1st place: Alessandra Taddei
2nd place: Karin Seelow
3rd place: Sancha Campanella




Along with the spectacular show in the arena, the whole atmosphere, the setting, as well as artists and musicians, took the spectators on a real journey through time.

Carmen Bosmans couldn’t have done a better job at defending her Celtic tribe, as she was ultimately crowned Queen of WOD.

Lacee Kovacs was present to represent his Barbaric tribe, but he did not compete. Could it have been an injury, or was it a strategic move of his?

To the audience’s surprise, Oksana Slivenko, who ultimately got 2nd place in the Elite Female category, was there to present the new tribe called The Slavic Force.

Which of the tribes will persevere in the end, remains to be seen.

The second round is to be held in September, in Madrid. So as a final note for now: Play hard, and Fear No WOD.

Updates can be found on the official website


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