Open wod 14.5

Open wod 14.5

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Start your Engines for the Open WOD 14.5!

This workout is all about work capacity with your two favourite movements, so make sure you get a proper warm-up.






This can be a pretty efficient movement if you don’t just go through the motions. If you want to see how a perfect technique looks like, watch how Mr. Fronning did them at the Live announcement of the 14.5.

The single most important thing is controlling the bar when it travels down in your front squat. Make sure to always well racked and centred, this will allow you to use max capacity without wasting energy trying to balance it.

Next, push your squat from your heels, just like any normal front squat. Once you hit your normal dip position, drive the barbell upwards hard, to save your shoulders.

Last but not least, keep your timing in mind. Catch the bar on your way down. Use the weight to your own advantage and go with the flow.


The most important element to keep in mind here is placing your hands on the floor before you jump backwards to the bottom position. That will save you tons of energy. Be efficient and try to move as relaxed as possible.





Don’t give up! This is a really hard workout, but so are many others.

Get into the right mindset and go for personal glory!

Just like in some of the others, you will need to control your pace and breathing.

I would advise everyone to watch the Live 14.5, where different approaches to this WOD can be seen.

For all of you out there who are not doing the open in hopes of making the Regionals, hang in there! Don’t give up! This truly is a test of mental toughness!
Go for it!

Martin Thimm
Head Coach Team Healthlocker


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