Open wod 14.4

Open wod 14.4

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open 14.4 crossfit

The Open WOD 14.4 is a beauty!


Do some dynamic stretching (Glutes, Hamstrings, lower/upper back, hip flexors, shoulders and ankles).

You need to get your heart rate up before giving 14.4 a shot.

Here’s an example of a good warm-up routine:

  • 5K row
  • 8 V-Ups
  • 8 Air squats
  • 8 back extensions
  • 8 candlestick rolls
  • 3 rounds.

Then, rest. Once you are ready, move on to working on each of the specific movements. Don’t do too many reps, though. Go for efficiency instead.

open 14.4 crossfit



Extend you arms right after the pull, then, return to the initial position. Take the handle close to the fan, to get an extra long pull, then, straighten your upper back. Here, use your legs to push (don’t use your arms yet!). Once your legs are fully extended, the momentum will carry some of the weight, making the pull easier on your arms.


Use your normal grip. Personally, my favourite is the “hook grip”, getting the pinky knuckle over the bar and trying to pin the index and middle fingers under the thumb. This will take some of the effort off of the forearms and shoulders. Don’t lose tension by having you feet too wide apart. After the superman position, I like to do knees and kick. This will also keep you from pulling.


The squat stance should be wider than normal, to maintain tension on the hip. Make sure to play around with it before you go. Keep your torso upright. To relieve your shoulders between reps, lower your arms before catching the ball again.


All the Box owners are going to hate me for this, but, as we saw on the live announcement, it would be foolish to do anything but singles. The set-up for the singles should be the same as if you were repping sets. That means that after dropping the bar from rack position, your set up should be just like doing touch´n´go. Reset on top, move down to starting position, and pick it up. Repeat that 30 times!


At this point, I don’t think you will have much gas left in your forearms for the false grip, so the trick here will be to effectively use kipping. Just like with the T2B, keep your feet together, and don’t bend your knees in the superman position. Keep the tension and drive your legs into position for the hip to explode upwards. In the transition, keep your head down, straighten out you legs an kip the dip. This may allow you sets of 2 or even 3, but don’t do more than sets of 3.



A Chipper can either be easy or hard on your mental state of mind. I like to see it as every single movement as a single workout. When I finish it, it gives me a mental boost. Then, I reset, forget the one I just did and move on to the next.


Keep a steady pace and breath. To this effect, I would use 3 to 1, which means 3 seconds of “rest” getting back into pulling position and then 1 second to pull.


Break them up into bigger sets first, then, do smaller ones. Don’t push yourself to failure and don’t hang on if you lose control of the movement. Let go of the bar and, then, get right back on it. Control your breathing.


Use those legs and save your shoulders. This one is all about pace, so don’t gas out. Breathe through every rep. It should take you no more than 3 sets to finish.



Start this one with the right mindset. You will be surprised by how heavy it feels. This means you have to be mentally though and pick it up after every drop.


Good luck here, you’ll need it! If you get back on the rower, then good luck at the  Games in Carson

To sum up: pacing is everything, and efficiency will take you a long way.

Martin Thimm
Head Coach
Team Healthlocker, Powered by Crossgen


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