Open wod 14.3

Open wod 14.3

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Prove you are High Intensity Training and show your strength on the Open WOD 14.3


Do a proper warm-up! Get your hamstrings, achilles, lower back and glutes activated. Then, raise your heart rate 15 min before go time. Interval rowing with good technical form will do the trick.


Save you lower back as long as possible, you will need it to work when you get to the heavy part. Use proper form, with a straight back. This means you will have to use your legs more.

People may think that this will hurt them when it come to doing the the box jumps, but the truth is that the box jumps will be your “active rest”, and this WOD is won in the deadlifts.

Concerning the grip, you should use the one you are most comfortable with.

wod 14.3 crossfit box jumps

Box jumps

Everyone wants to do the touch´n´go, but too many people waste energy by not timing their arms effectively. This happens when they land hard, transferring all the energy to the floor.

If you are one of these people, keep in mind you should go through the motions, step down from the box, and jump right back up there.

For the touch´n´go, let your arms do the trick, turn the movement around, and reset at the top of the box. After doing the full extension and preparing to bounce, position your arms back into what I call “firing position”.

Keep the arms close to the body and pull them back, as if you were reaching to draw your guns in a wild west face-off. I use this analogy because your timing has to be right on the money, otherwise you will lose, both in a gun fight and in the box jumps.

And although you may survive the box jumps, you loose efficiency if you don’t do them right.



There is a twist in this one, and it’s called “The tie break”. Don’t worry about it, though, it will only stress you out if you do – and it will probably gas you out as well. All you have to worry about is how to get that one extra rep.

That one rep will take you way further up the leader board than any tie break would.

Make sure that the right amount of weight is conveniently placed in order, this will save you time.

If you are not anywhere near a Regionals spot, an this was never on the agenda, that means you will be doing the Open for fun. Don’t be foolish, though, and use proper form! This will also amount to more reps in the end.

Break those deadlifts up before they get really heavy, and get on it again.

In case a spot in the Regionals is still within your grasp, and getting there was actually your original plan, that means you will be doing the Open to really prove the results of an entire year spent improving your body and your performance.

Don’t be foolish, though, and use proper form! This will allow you to do more reps, and you’ll will remain friends with your lower back.

If you get hurt, that will be the end of the Open for you, and you can wave the Regionals goodbye as well. It would be an entire year wasted in minutes. Be smart about this.

Good luck!

Martin Thimm
Head Coach
Team Healthlocker, Powered by Crossgen

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