How to improve your sports performance?

How to improve your sports performance?

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How to improve sports performance, CrossFit athletes

Every athlete knows how important post-workout recovery is. Cross training Athletes are no exception, and after training like warriors, they deserve a god’s rest!

Crossgen has designed two products that work together to provide a truly effective recovery system, that will enable athletes to face each training session with unprecedented levels of strength and physical performance.

Functional training – or high-intensity interval training – quickly depletes the body’s glycogen stores, which are our main energy source. Also, these training sessions subject athlete’s joints to a significant amount of stress and tissue damage.

To minimize some of the natural damage heavy training and time may cause, every athlete should take the right ingredients.

This is where Recover-X and Rehab-X come in:




What will Recover-X do for you?


Recover-X contains the nutrients the athlete’s body needs the most to recover from a highly intense training session: leucine, isoleucine, valine, glutamine and minerals.

The first three nutrients are part of the essential amino acids group. The presence of these amino acids is necessary for the growth process, albeit the body is unable to naturally produce them. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the most important essential amino acids for muscle repairing and muscle building.

Glutamine is directly involved in several metabolic processes, as well as in maintaining our immune system. This amino acid prevents free radicals from proliferating, and favours the protein synthesis process, which is crucial to muscle growth.

Minerals are fundamental to regulate the body’s hydration levels and the blood pH, and to support neuronal and muscle functions. When subjected to intense physical training, the body loses these important electrolytes through sweat. The more electrolytes we lose during physical exercise, the poorer our physical and mental performance will be.

Take your Recovery-X shake during workout. This way, you assure the best performance throughout your WODs. After your training session, take your Beef Protein shake, as usual.


How to improve sports performance, CrossFit athlete


What will Rehab-X do for you?


Rehab-X is the most recent product from Crossgen and it was specially designed to give athletes strong and flexible joints.

Our joints provide structural and functional support to our bones, allowing us to perform all sorts of movements, from the simplest routine activities, like walking or writing, to the most challenging exercises, like squatting or deadlifting.

Rehab-X was developed to help strengthen and restore the joints fibres, which are responsible for our movement, providing precious overall functional support and optimizing mobility and sports performance.

Combining these two products will optimize your mobility and sports performance, thus preventing performance breakdowns.


How to improve sports performance, rehab, recover, crossgen

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