15.5 – Keep Calm & Breathe

15.5 – Keep Calm & Breathe

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No burpees in this year’s Open, instead we’re finishing with a “Breathless” workout. 15.5 is for sure going to beat the h*** out of you, in a good way that is.


So how are you getting through’ this? Well my biggest, and probably also my most important advise would be, BREATHE!

Never forget to breathe in this workout. Breathing is the key to master workouts like this.

Normally I don’t talk about how to warm-up but in this case, when you are warming up at the rower or you are performing a thruster, think about where and when you are breathing.

Create a pattern and find a pace and a rhythm which allow you to breathe properly and still doing the movements at a high intensity.


I’m somehow assuming that you have a perfect technique for both rowing and thrusters, so i’m only going to give you my advice about when to breath.

Rowing: Try inhaling on the drive and exhaling a the recovery. Don’t force the recovery. It is called recovery for a reason, take your time and remember to exhale properly, so that you got plenty of space for new air, ‘cause you are going to need it.

Thrusters: One breathe per Thrusters. Exhale on the way up or at the top of the press and inhale on the way down. If inhaling on the way down, it also lets you keep a tight and strong core, so it is actually a win/win situation when breathing this way.


Rhythm is everything, and it’s about finding a rhythm that works for you.

It’s a simple advice, but it takes a lot of practice to master a skill like this.

Have fun and remember to breathe and enjoy life.


  Morten Hannesbo
  Coach @ Box CrossFit Aalborg 

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