15.3 – 14 minute beasty AMRAP

15.3 – 14 minute beasty AMRAP

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For the first time in Opens history, we are going to start the workout with what is considered a complex and highly skilled movement, The Muscle Up.

For some people, that means they are going to chase a score around in the 1-3, which would mean that they are going to get their first muscle up and congratulations with that.


So, what else did Dave Castro throw in the bowl, for us yesterday?

15.3 is a 14 minute beasty AMRAP.


So the first thing that comes to my mind, actually it is two things:

The first one is my shoulders. They’re going to burn. I hope that you don’t have a problem with wall balls or double-unders because performing a skilled movement like the muscle-up under fatigue can be very hard, so you are probably going to want some rest there and just get the wall balls and double-unders over with.

So, how are you going to attack this workout? Well, it depends on your weakness and since we all have difference weakness I’m just going to talk about the movement today.


The Muscle-up

For a lot of people, the muscle-up may seem like an unreachable goal. I surely know that it was for me, the first time and second time.

I think that there were 2 or 3 months between my first and second muscle-up. I hated it, because i thought that when I would get my first muscle-up then within a week I could do 50 muscle-ups unbroken. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

So if you can’t perform your first muscle-up yet, well then you’re screwed. Just kidding, because now is the time to get your first muscle-up. I believe in you and so should you.

Normally I would advice people that doesn’t have the muscle-up yet, to get stronger, to train their strict pull-ups and strict dips as often as possible. But since we don’t have the time for that now, we are going to focus on some other things instead.

15.3. crossfit open

First of all, just like the pull-up, then we can save a lot of energy and compensate for our lack of strength, by doing the kipping muscle-up instead. I hate false grip. It hurts and it’s tricky to keep the right hand position when you are trying to hold the false grip and still trying to kip the h*** out of it.

Therefore I was pretty glad when I found this video, of my man crush and favorite movement expert, Carl Paoli, explaining that he had the same feelings toward false grip. Instead of my, trying to write how to do a muscle-up, I think that you should spend 6 great minutes, watching this video of Carl Paoli explaining how to do the muscle-up.

So we can conclude that your first muscle-up, is going to be a kipping muscle-up. Your warm-up to this workout should consist of training your hand position and transitions exercises. Ask your local trainer, for some great transitions exercises and use them as your warm-up for this workout.

When warmed up and ready to kick some ass in this workout, all you need to do is to be brave, believe in your self and keep on going. You have 14 minuts to get your first muscle-up. And today is the day, that you are going to do your first muscle-up, and when you do it. Your box is going to explode, cheer and celebrate you.


Wall balls

They sucks. They really do, but in this workout it is going to be your favorite part.

Wall balls sucks, because its a low skilled and high rep movement, which mean that your head is feeling tired before your body. I takes a lot of mental strength to keep going in this movement. But here is a few tips on how to perform this movement.

1. Feet and body position – Your feet position should be the same as your squat position or maybe a little wider. For most people its shoulder-width apart. You should at all time avoid rounding your back, that means, keeping a straight back. Just in like every other movement. I can’t stress out the importance of this.

2. Keep your elbows close to your body, that way you are going to keep your triceps and lats engage and avoided to burn out your shoulders right away.

3. A good wall ball, is when you are using your legs/hips to create all the power, you need to hit the target with the ball. So all your arm is doing, is actually just enjoying the ride and making sure that you are hitting the target with accuracy.

4. Catch the wall ball high and then enjoy the ride down to the bottom of your squat position.

15.3. crossfit open

5. From the bottom of your squat position, use the bounce to get past parallel again, and as soon you are past parallel, accelerate. When doing so, there is a bigger chance of using all the power from your legs/hips, to hit target.

6. Don’t jump, unless it is the only way for you, to hit the target.

7. How far away from the wall? I don’t have a golden rule here, but i’m always telling my clients to keep a distance, where they can be consistent. So fool around and find your own favorite distance.

8. Know when to break. I told you before, that wall balls is also a mental tough movement, but don’t forget to break in time. I like to do what i call a +5 movement, which mean I don’t have a plan from the start but i’m going to keep going until I feel I can only take 5 more wall balls, before my fatigue is forcing me to rest. This tactic keeps my rest period down.

9. Rest periods – Keep them low, count to three, and then start again. Don’t feel to sorry for your self.

10. Have fun!

15.3. crossfit open



The third and final movement in this workout. You have made it so far, great job. But this part is just a passing by movement, get them over with and get started on the muscle-ups again.

I’m guessing that most people, who is getting so far in this workout, don’t have a problem with double-unders, but I’m still going to tell you a little about them.

1. Pick the correct length of the rope. A rope to long, is better than a short rope. A standard rule is stepping on the rope with one foot, then the handles should be around the top of your armpit. It is a standard rule, see if it works for you. If not, then experiment and find your favorite length.

2. Hands in front of your body, keep your elbows in and let your hands, from the wrist and down, make the movement. Don’t swing you arms around like a big windmill, its inefficient and is going to make you fatigue really fast.

3. Jump high straight up and straight down again, keep a straight upper body, and jump slow.

4. Find a good rhythm. Timing is everything in this movement.

15.3. open crossfit


I hope that some of my advices above, can be a big help for you. It is a tricky workout, because it is starting with muscle-ups, which can eliminate many people.

So I think, that you only have one of two choices, and it is all depending on your weakness. Either you are going to get your first muscle-up, or else you are doing the seven muscle ups, and from there on never look back and just kicking some ass.

I don’t think you should rely to much on a tactic from the start here. Listen to your body, take the rest periods when you feel like and keep them low. That is how you are going to succeed in this workout. And succed you will.



  Morten Hannesbo
  Coach @ Box CrossFit Aalborg 

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