15.2 – The second chance!

15.2 – The second chance!

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Oh no, not that one again – I can imagine that thousands of people around the world are sighing right now, but not you. Yup, that is right. You love this workout.

Right now, you are properly thinking, “What are you talking about, I hate this one. It sucks”. But no you don’t. You love this, because right now in this very moment you have an opportunity to see, to test, if all the hard work you have done in the last year, whether it has worked or not.

What you need to know:

  • Mind your own business
  • Follow your own pace
  • Be smart
  • Don’t split up the overhead squat
  • Split up the Chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Don’t get No-reps
  • Kick some ass

So what is today’s workout?

I’m glad you asked. If you still don’t now what the Open 15.2 is, then I’m honored to tell you, that it is exactly the same as last years Open 14.2, and it is going to be so much fun.



But how am I going to get through this?


Let’s start with the Overhead squat. If you have been working on your mobility, like I know almost every athletes do for 3 hours a day, then the overhead squat shouldn’t be a problem for you.

The weight isn’t to heavy, so almost everybody can take at least one overhead squat with the weight, and if you can take one, then you might as well take another one, because the bar is up there anyway.

Let’s get back to your mobility. If you don’t feel comfortable about doing overhead squat in your Inov-8 F-lite/Nano’s, then put on your weightlifting shoe instead. The raised heel allows you to have a greater ankle mobility and there for a better overhead position.



I know, that some of you might be concerned with the extra weight, if you are using your weightlifting shoes, when you are doing the C2B Pull-ups, but lets be honest.

Do you really feel so special, so good, that you can feel the difference in the heat of the battle? Nope, i didn’t think so either. So use which ever shoe that feels comfortable for you, and allows you to make some beautiful overhead squats.

About the strategy for this part of the WOD. DON’T split up the overhead squat, unless you really need to. The C2B pull-ups is the hardest part of this WOD, so you are going to need the rest over at the pull-up bar.

But if you are going to split up the overhead squat, then split it up in sets of at least 2, preferably 3 or more because you are going to use a lot of energy to get the bar over your head. So be smart, and use your breaks wisely.



Let’s go on to the Chest-to-bar Pull-ups. It’s a though one. Not many people can do this, and if they can, they are properly having a hard time to string them together. But even if you can string them together and take 10 in a row, be smart from the start and split them up.

Maybe something like half-half, like 5-5 and when/if you get past the 6 minute mark, split them up in sets of 5-5-4.

Remember that you can use any grip that you want. Some people like to use the underhand (Chin up) grip. If you have never tried the underhand grip, or a mix grip (Underhand+overhand), then try it before workout and see if its works for you.

If you are feeling tired, then dont underestimate singles. They can be a lifeline, if you are tired and ready to give up. Always take one more, even if it is a single one.

One last thing, about the C2B pull-ups, Never, and I said NEVER, walk a way from the bar, stay right under it so that you don’t wast valuable time going around and feeling sorry for your self.



So what should my overall strategy be?

You are looking forward to getting an extra shot at last years WOD, from Open 14.2. You are all fired up, and ready to kick some ass. But hang on for a minute, don’t burn your self out, be smart and keep a steady and slow pace, but still fast enough so that you finish early enough, so you can have a little rest in between the rounds.

Mind your own business and follow your own pace and plan in the entire workout, or else you are going to burn out.

If you saw the Live announcement of WOD 15.2, then you could see that, both Letendre and Bridgers, started to split their chest-to-bar pull-ups up, as early in the first round. And I can promise you, that it wasn’t because that they were already tired there. They had a game plan from the start, and so should you.



Don’t be a hero, be smart when you are doing this workout. It isn’t a 100m sprint, but more like a 5KM sprint. And nobody can finish a 5km run, if they are starting it with a sprint. BUT remember, if you can see that the time is running out, then do what ever it takes to finish your round.

Always try to see if you can get that extra round. Even if it means that your are laying down for 2 minutes and trying to catch your breath, because afterwards you would still have one minute to get some more reps.

And in this sport of fitness, every rep counts. Except for No-reps, so don’t get No-reps.

Have fun, and good luck with 15.2!



  Morten Hannesbo
  Coach @ Box CrossFit Aalborg 

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