15.1 – What a nightmare!

15.1 – What a nightmare!

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Hi Folks!

The Open starts today and we at the coaching staff are tremendously looking forward to follow you during this journey.

I posted this update on Crossfit Aalborg‘s facebook page earlier today, and I thought that you guyes should have the opportunity to read it too.. There is nothing secret in it, just my thoughts on the first open workout which might help you during the workout.

“By the way, why were Froning and Fraser no. 1 and no. 2 at  Games last year? They both have beards!

15.1 – What a nightmare!




What you need to know:

 Open Workout 15.1

– Run the Froning style. ie that you start out at the same pace as you will end in.

– Break everything up to 5 repetitions, to begin with;

– Smile, it will be awesome.  Look on the bright side,. there is after all no burpees in this WOD.


Open Workout 15.1a

– The goal is 90%;

– Somewhere between 4-7 lift;

– 70% -75% -80% -85% -90%

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The ideas behind the above tips:

I hope that both your mind and mostly that your forearms are ready. This is going to hurt. The magic of this workout lies in that you actually need to relax throughout the workout. It sounds great, right?

Just to refresh today’s workout, which is a two shared workout :

15.1 is a 9 Min AMRAP

15 Toes-2-Bar

10 Deadlift

5 Snatch

Immediately  after the 9 minutes is over, start workout 15.1a.

In 15.1a you have 6 minutes to make a 1RM in Clean & Jerk.

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So a rapid analysis of the above, there is no secret that your forearms will propely be your limit during this workout. Just quickly to return to my previous comment, about relaxing during the workout.

My best advice to 15.1 is quite simple, run it at a steady pace and feel for what your forearm can withstand. The magic lies in that, if you have to break up the repetitions. Which I’ve recommend you do, what that does, it will let you keep performing all reps also called submaximal. Which mean that you never drive you completely dead. You never hit that acid border, where you finally just can not do any more, but you stop just a few repetitions before. – Froning style.

Eg. let’s say that I can take 15 T2B unbroken, and I will always keep my break when I took 10 T2B, so I keep a short break before I take the next set of repetitions. The reason for this is that the more you push your body, the longer pause will be. And we’d love to avoid the long break.

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After you have been running Open WOD 15.1, you go as I said earlier straight to 15.1a, which is a 1RM Clean & Jerk. – Now that’s probably the coolest twist that has long been in  Open.

In short, those under arms all finished, at this time, so it will require his man (or woman) to overcome himself, on that you can easily hold the bar at this time of you life.

If we look at the Froning and Fraser and relate a little to their Clean & Jerk. Froning had before this workout one 1RM of 370 Pound, and was now “only” 343 pounds, so he reached only 92.7% of its previous 1RM. Fraser got today, 87.2% of its previous 1RM, which was 375 pounds, and today he was 327 pounds.

So for those who expect to make a PR, in today’s workout, I must sadly enough disappoint you a little. It probably will not be today, unless you are a machine. Which of course you all are, so who knows? Today’s goal must be to hit around 90% of 1RM, which leads us to the next question, how may lift you need to have at the 6 minutes?


You must have somewhere between 4-7 lifting. Everything under, require a commitment of dimensions, and everything above is too many. Once the workout 15.1a starts, you breathe quietly and calm, while you put 70-75% of your 1RM on the rod. After about 90 seconds break(the break is while you throw weight plates on the bar), then you take your first lift, and then do a series called:

80% – 85% – (85-90%). If you eventually feel more, so you will increase as needed, but 90% of your 1RM is the goal.

I hope that the above can help you on your way, to cope the WOD best as possible. I am looking forward to see and hear how it goes for you.


  Morten Hannesbo
  Coach @ Box CrossFit Aalborg 

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