The Battle of London 2014 – Crossgen Team

The Battle of London 2014 – Crossgen Team

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The Battle of London is one of largest High Intensity Training events in Europe, and Crossgen was there to support their athletes and enjoy the spectacularly gruelling competition.

The BOL14 event can be resumed in one simple word – Brutal!


CROSSGEN BOL13 1Mads Buuge


Held at the Copper Box Arena, in east London, this 2-day competition received roughly 300 athletes from all corners of Europe, USA, and Canada. 9 challenges later, the winners emerged in triumph and were celebrated at the podium as the best Athletes of this year’s edition.

In the individual Men, Lacee Kovacs, from Hungary, took the top spot. In the individual Women’s category, Kristin Holte, from Norway, was the reigning champion. In the Masters competition, Radek Hadrovsky, from the Czech Republic, and Ulrika Nieminem, from Finland, were the grand winners.


CROSSGEN BOL13 2CROSSGEN BOL13 4Sara Ellegaard and Morten Buuge


As for the Athletes in Team Crossgen, 4 of them competed in 3 different categories. Morten and Mads Buuge, in the individual men’s competition, finished in 68th and 39th, respectively. Sara Ellegaard, in the individual female competition, finished in the 14th place. Fabrice Lages, in the Masters’ division, was 20th.


CROSSGEN BOL13 3Fabrice Lages


Congratulations to all!

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