About us


Crossgen is the brand you can trust on for high intensity trainings.

When considering all the supplement brands that currently exist in the market, there is one common element to all of them: they have little or no concern over the purity and origin of the ingredients used in their products.

Crossgen emerges from the need to have pure products, whose quality has been tested and certified. We weren’t created to be merely another brand among so many others. We intend to add real value to the supplements industry, and improve our customers’ quality of life and well-being. One thing we can guarantee: Crossgen will never place profit ahead of our clients’ needs and satisfaction.



From athletes to athletes

At Crossgen, we don’t simply walk up to our researchers and tell them to copy our competitors’ products, like so many other supplement brands do. Our involvement is much more comprehensive.

The only way one can offer a product that actually addresses consumers’ needs is by actually knowing what their needs are. In order to do that, there’s nothing better than to involve athletes and coaches in our products’ development process. And that’s exactly what we did. That is why we take pride in saying Crossgen is a brand from athletes to athletes.

We gathered the best of two worlds – the experience of athletes who have years of practice under their belts, and our team’s scientific knowledge – to create products that are truly pure, effective and, above all, useful.


Origin, Quality and Purity guaranteed

We are extremely demanding with our products. We believe a product can only be better if it is developed using the best ingredients, in the best facilities, and under the supervision of the best researchers.

A part of our secret also lies in the quality and origin of the ingredients we use to develop our products. We strive for excellence, looking to pass on to our collaborators the strong environmental conscience that characterizes us.

At Crossgen, you will never see poor quality products. True quality comes from Nature at its purest state, and we strive to impart this purity into our products. This is our commitment to you.